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Darlas Rai was born and raised in Oregon, proudly from the Pacific Northwest. A country girl at heart, she grew up camping, fly fishing and hunting with her large family.

Her “claim to fame” these days are her TWO sets of Twins! Boy/Girl twins born in 1994 and identical twin boys born in 1999. She’s a busy mom with a passion for Radio. She decided when she was only 8 years old, she wanted to play music and talk on the radio, she has been doing that now since 1992.

She lived in Las Vegas for seven years, and is now raising her kids in Nashville, since June 2006, hanging out with you seven nights a week. Her passion for country music and people are obvious, she LOVES what she does and it shows.

1. How long have you worked in radio? I got into Radio in 1992. I called 242-B-A-DJ….I swear! True story, but ask my childhood BFF, Tina Tackitt, I ALWAYS wanted to “be on the radio” & here I am 20 years later…still, LIVING THE DREAM! :0)

2. What’s the best part of the job? I GET to go to work every day….not, HAVE to go to work. Enough said.

3. What did you eat for breakfast today? Coffee!!

4. What was your first concert? The Tubes, I won the tix on the radio (I was 12) & my BABYSITTER took me! Then the next year I won Oregon Jam ’83 tix, Joan Jett/Quiet Riot/Loverboy/Scorpions/Triumph…..& the opening-opening-opening band was a little band called METALLICA! I still have the T-shirt to prove it. (I swear)

5. How long have you lived in Nashville? Since June 2006. Best decision we ever made, both personally and for our raising our kids.

6. What do you do to relax?  Hang out with my husband of 20 years ( I have been with him HALF my life) & our TWO SETS-O-TWINS!! Girl/Boy 17 & Boy/Boy 13.

7. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke? COKE ZERO!!

8. Favorite Guilty Pleasure? When it’s warm enough, heading off to a pool during the day when the kids are at school….with a good book! :0) Any other time, I am such a night owl, I enjoy having the house all to myself  after work. Everybody is in bed when I get home, so the house is all MINE.

9. Any children? Yes. “The mother of multiple, multiples”!! TwinsX2

10. What’s the one TV show you can’t miss? I am LOVING the new Dallas, I know, I’m such a product of the 80’s! Haha!

11. Pets? Pongo, my rescue dog…THE best trained & most AWESOME dog ever! Smokey Cat ,also a rescue, & a fish, that is all at the moment. (RIP Little Dude (hamster) & Little Dude 2.0 (hamster #2), respectively)

12. What’s currently in your cd player? Homemade MIX cd….all kinds of crazy stuff!

13. What is your favorite spot in Nashville? (I cannot pick one) Printer’s Alley (3rd/Church) Ms. Kelli’s, The Fiddle & Steele & The Bourban Street Boogie Blues Bar. On Broadway, I LOVE The Stage, The Dueling Piano Bar & Troubadour’s. 3rd & Lindsley’s, The Rutledge, The Listening Room and The Hard Rock are among my favorite venue’s for live music. Loser’s/Winners (Division St) are a blast too. So many great places here, it’s hard to narrow it down. Every night there is something going on in Nashville. Love that, for the occational night out!

14. Do you work out?  Umm… yeah. Off & On, I’m ON right now with a “Boot Camp” work out trainer. (Update: OFF again….need to get focused again. Ugh!)

15. What is your favorite place in the world? Oregon Coast/ ANY beach really.

16. Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate

17. Last book you read? Lisa Gardner “Next Accident” (LOVE this whole series of hers) Update: I haven’t read much the past 6 months, been so busy lately. All the twins are now offically TEENAGERS. (Busy is good, but note to seelf : Time to find some time to pick up a book again) 🙂

18. What is your favorite thing to cook? I make a mean Sheppard’s Pie & Pork Spare Ribs…both my Grandma Maxine’s & Mom’s recipes. xoxo

19. Biggest Pet Peeve? People who can’t drive, since I drive on the interstate every day….”Get OUT of the FAST lane if you’re not going F-A-S-T”….Ugh!! enough said.

20. What is your favorite song of all time and why? I have a complete & total passion for MUSIC, therefore, I cannot pick ONE song (in a million years) that I love over all the rest. I LOVE thousands of songs, in ALL kinds of music. Every week I have a “New  Favorite” Haha! That’s Me.

On a personal note: My favorite part of my job is YOU, The listener. By far. YOU are the reason I love what I do. YOU are the reason I am excited to get on the air every single night. It’s the connection, the stories, the insight, the passion, the lesson’s you teach me and the joy you bring to me, every single time I step in the studio. I am lucky to have a job where I get to meet so many amazing people, and I Thank YOU for that. xoxo


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