Lisa Manning


Lisa Manning – Weekdays 9:00am-2:00pm on 95.5 NASH ICON!


It all started at age 5, when Lisa’s dad, who owned a Washington, D.C. ad agency, hired his kid to do a Monroe Ford commercial…well, actually that was a bit early…her radio obsession started in college in North Carolina…

Working a lot of formats in radio over the years, in markets such as, D.C., Cleveland, Norfolk, Charlotte to name a few, Lisa moved to Nashville in ’93 and has raised two kids, who are now grown (AND have the showbiz gene…!), and continues to adopt rescue pups…they now have 3!


She can be heard throughout the Westwood One Radio Network…Lisa is a die-hard Redskins fan, but has also adopted the Titans and goes to as many games as possible!!!


In her free time, she loves singing in her band that plays around the Nashville area!


“I still get to come into work every day and do this job that I still love and adore…SO blessed to be able to do that is such an amazing city that’s the mecca for all things Country” says Manning!

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