These items from your childhood could be worth some BIG money

My husband has a TON of old Boy Scout badges and misc. tucked away in the garage, I think we might need to pull them out and have a collector look at some of these items. SOME of these could be worth BIG bucks! Boy Scout memorabilia gets a lot of interest online, with auctions bringing in hundreds of dollars for badge collections. Time to dig those out, don’t you think, and see if you’re sitting on some cash!  If you find a good collector or find a treasure, let me know, this might end up being so cool!! ~Darlas Rai



Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet of the Week is Tootsie! ⁣
Tootsie the pirate kitty loves life. A little shy at first, then she quickly becomes your BFF. She’s ready for her forever home!⁣

Visit @proverbs1210animalrescue to adopt Tootsie! 🐾⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣