Man arrested for spanking a stranger’s child in line at Kroger’s



Police arrest a man for spanking a stranger’s child in the checkout line at Kroger’s. The boys father told his son he could not have a candy bar, the boy started pitching a fit, when the man in line grabbed the boys hand, spun him around and spanked him three times on the rear and said “That’s how we deal with kids” where he was from. The father left the store called the police who quickly arrived and handcuffed him. The man was a 62 year old with “blood shot eyes and smelled like booze” according to police. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Clearly, this guy was in the WRONG for touching anyone’s child, but come on….we have ALL been there, in line at a grocery store with a kid throwing a tantrum….the difference is, we didn’t SPANK ANOTHER PERSONS CHILD! But, I’m saying this right now, I have sure been tempted before. 🙂  ~Darlas ♪♫ (Proud mama of two SETS of twins!)


A Weekend Guide to Quarantine

A Weekend Guide to Quarantine

  It has been a strange week that is for sure! But, we can still be excited that it’s the weekend.   Whether you’ve been working from home, or had a ton of extra time on your hands, give yourself a break and take the opportunity to find some normalcy and have yourself a weekend.…