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Marty McFly is from Sparta TN. and grew up listening to Nashville radio. Marty has spent 38 years in Middle Tennessee, so he really has seen Nashville grow.  Marty got his start in radio in 1985, when a close friend told him of an easy way to make money…radio! At the same time, Michael J. Fox was playing a character with a similar name in the major motion picture called “Back to the Future”. Coincidence?

Marty is married with two sons, and spends his free time on motorcycles. Marty says “My whole family is into bikes, I still own a dirt bike, in addition to my street cruiser,  and the rest of my family is into 4-wheelers. We had to build a separate garage to store everything, so most of my spare time is spend fixing or cleaning those things”.

Marty has been waking up the Music City for several years, and feels blessed to be on the radio for a living. Marty says “ I never knew what I wanted to do with my life until one day  not long after high school I found myself in a radio station, and I just knew this was it”. He must have been right because almost 30 years later he’s still at it.

The four times nominated “CMA Air Personality of the Year” and three time “ACM Air Personality of the Year” nominee  helped the stations he worked at win a combined twelve CMA/ACM “Station of the Year” awards! He has also been nominated for Billboard Magazine’s “Air Personality of the Year” in 1996, Bobby Poe Magazine’s “Large Market Air Personality of the Year” in 1993, and Country Aircheck Magazine’s Large Market Air Personality of the Year in 2012.

Catch him each weekday morning from 5am – 9am!

Marty McFly covers the pop culture topics of the week with his Marty & Friends Podcast! It’s a casual conversation to start your day!

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Make A Sour Face For A Good Cause

The “Lemon Face Challenge” Is the Newest Dare Raising Money for Charity The Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million for ALS four years ago.  Now the “Lemon Face Challenge” is raising money to fight a type of brain cancer called DIPG.  You just record your reaction while eating a lemon wedge . . . challenge…MORE

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  A Car Gets Struck By a Tornado, and Both Passengers Survive   A couple was towing a 31-foot camper on an while taking cell phone video of some storm clouds.  But when they passed a hill they drove right into the path of a tornado that tossed them around until they ended up in…MORE

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Get with a Group and Ride!

It’s a great time to join a riding group to plan a whole season of riding with new friends. Most of the Harley Dealers have a local chapter of the Harley Owners Group you can join up with, those chapters typically have a group ride once a month. I’m a member of the Lynchburg Squires…MORE

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Marty’s Video Gone Viral….UFO

The Local News in Milwaukee Caught Some Weird UFO Activity on Camera  Fox affiliate in Milwaukee was showing a live shot of downtown on Tuesday.  And they happened to get footage of some weird lights darting around the night sky. No one seems to know what they were, but there were dozens of them. Various…MORE

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Marty’s Feel Good Story of the Week! Pink Wig

  A Guy Wore a Pink Wig for Three Months to Support His Wife with Cancer . . . and Even Wore It for Their Wedding   HIGHLIGHTS:  A 45-year-old guy in England wore a pink wig every day for three months to support his wife while she was battling breast cancer.  He raised about…MORE

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Marty’s Feel Good Story Of The Week- Jump On In

A police officer who says he doesn’t know how to swim jumped into a fast-moving river on Saturday with all his gear on, and somehow saved a guy from drowning. On Saturday, he saw a guy fall into a freezing cold river.  And he was struggling to keep his head above water.  So without thinking,…MORE

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Marty’s Video Gone Viral – The Airplane Vent

That air vent above you on an airplane is for drying your clothes? Somebody on a flight from Turkey to Moscow posted cell phone video of a woman drying her panties by holding them up to the overhead air vent.  She was in full view of at least five rows of other passengers, but didn’t…MORE


Marty’s World….Marty’s World….(On Two Wheels)

MAKING THE MOTORCYCLE TRIP PLAN Now is the tie to start laying out your year to make it an epic riding season. There are plenty of events and rides already planned for 2018. Here are some links to check out for rides.  MORE

Marty’s Feel Good Story of The Week!

A Guy Found an Organ Donor by Walking Around Disney World in a Shirt That Said, “In Need of Kidney” A 60-year-old guy from New York recently walked around Disney World in a t-shirt that said, “In Need of Kidney,” and it WORKED.  Someone posted a photo of it on Facebook . . . hundreds…MORE

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Marty’s Video Gone Viral

Watch a School Bus Slide Backwards Down an Icy Road This happened last week  in Massachusetts.  A school bus got stuck on an icy incline, and then slid BACKWARDS down the street and hit a car.  There were middle and high school students inside but no one was injured.  The bus continued on to school.…MORE


McFly’s World On Two Wheels.

  So a lot of you know i (and my family) spend a lot of time on motorcycles and 4 wheelers . At one point I was working on 3 four wheelers and a dirt bike in my garage keeping them going. As for the Harley I leave most of the hard stuff to the…MORE

Good News, Feel Good of the Week.

A School Secretary Left $6,000 of Life Insurance Money to Pay for School Lunches A 70-year-old woman named Dolly Mamros worked as a secretary for 20 years at two different schools in Leechburg, Pennsylvania.  (About 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.) Unfortunately, she passed away back in November, about two months after her husband George died.  But check…MORE

Video Gone Viral!

A Tree Falls Within Inches of Hitting a Woman Pushing a Stroller A security camera on a sidewalk in the Netherlands captured a giant tree falling within inches of a woman pushing her child in a stroller. (Search for “Woman with Pram Almost Hit by Falling Tree.”  It starts falling at 0:21.)MORE


Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Meet Lisa’s Pet of the Week! We’re helping these pets find their forever home with Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue!