Things I shared with you tonight on the air…

Here a few things I found to share with you tonight….

***Apple is developing a crumb-proof keyboard. What is a crumb-proof keyboard? Well, the keyboard itself will have a compressed air feature that would BLOW OUT crumbs and dust.

***NIKE is designing a new line of shoes that will feature CORDUROY on the tongue and the swoosh.

***ABC has renewed The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and America’s Funniest Video’s for another year!

***Lifetime Channel will air a new Prince Harry & Meghan Markle movie called “Harry and Meghan”, it will premiere on Sunday, May 13th. The royal wedding is on May 19th!

***CNBC is rebooting Howie Mandel’s game show “Deal or NO Deal”!!

Also don’t miss Scotty McCreery on Megan Kelly tomorrow. (Thursday)

Let us be the FIRST to wish Matt Thomas from Parmalee HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! His birthday is tomorrow.

Thanks for listening and stopping by to read our blogs.

~Darlas Rai ♪♫




Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet of the Week is Gypsy! This beauty had a rough time before coming to us, including two broken legs. Now she’s happy, healthy, and ready to bring joy to her forever home!⁣