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A School Secretary Left $6,000 of Life Insurance Money to Pay for School Lunches

A 70-year-old woman named Dolly Mamros worked as a secretary for 20 years at two different schools in Leechburg, Pennsylvania.  (About 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.) Unfortunately, she passed away back in November, about two months after her husband George died.  But check this out . . .She had a life insurance policy.  And before she died, she told her family she wanted to donate some of that money to the school. She earmarked $6,000 to cover school lunches for kids who couldn’t afford them . . . made her family promise to follow through with it . . . and they did.  It was actually her granddaughter Ali’s idea. Her son recently sent a letter to the school to let them know about it.  Some of the money will go to pay off the overdue accounts for kids who are currently enrolled.  And the rest will go to pay off any accounts in the future.

So until the money runs out, every kid will be able to eat a hot lunch each day.

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)


Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Ms. Justice came to us in horrible shape from neglect. Now this amazing beauty is happy and healthy and ready to live life in her forever home!