You’re My Inspiration…

Where do so many hit Country songs come from these days? Well, lots of places apparently…DUstin Lynch says the inspiration for his song, Ridin’ Roads, came from Instagram! One of his buddies was having oneheck of a good night, in his truck with a bunch of girls, a buddy or two, they were partying and dancing and the next morning, Dustin just wanted to capture THAT energy, knowing there was something there and Ridin’ Roads was born!

Thomas Rhett was writing Beer Can’t Fix, his latest, and felt like something was missing, when he thought, “Oh, I would love Jon Pardi on this to make it complete!” Plus, his wife, Lauren loves Jon (More than TR, he says lol)…so, TR sent JP the song and…as they say, the rest is history!

Play It Forward: Jon Pardi Says Check Out Larry Fleet’s “Workin’ Hard” [Listen]


Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet of the Week is Gypsy! This beauty had a rough time before coming to us, including two broken legs. Now she’s happy, healthy, and ready to bring joy to her forever home!⁣