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Huntin’, Fishin’ & Lovin’ Every Day BEER??…

If you were gonna come up with your own beer, what would YOU call it? Well, Luke Bryan announced the name of his new brew: Two Lane American Golden Lager. AND, it hits shelves in the Southeast on March 2nd…Luke says he feels like alot of the aspects of the importance of beer has been…MORE


To be able to get one of your musical heroes to sing on a song of yours, has got to be one THE shining moments so far in Luke Combs’ STELLAR career…Eric Church was an obvious choice when it came to finding somebody to do Luke’s latest single, “Does To Me” with…Luke says it felt…MORE

You’re My Inspiration…

Where do so many hit Country songs come from these days? Well, lots of places apparently…DUstin Lynch says the inspiration for his song, Ridin’ Roads, came from Instagram! One of his buddies was having oneheck of a good night, in his truck with a bunch of girls, a buddy or two, they were partying and…MORE

Dream Weaver Luke…

Of course we hear, “Never give up on your dreams” all the time…but in Luke Combs case, it really is true…early on in Luke’s career, when he first came to Nashville, he was told in a meeting by a record exec, that the songs Luke played for him weren’t good enough…well, all of those songs…MORE

Santa…Kids & New Traditions

Thomas Rhett is about to be a father of THREE…and he LOVES being able to make new holiday traditions together with the fam…they watch the Santa Clause about 6000 times and basically celebrate Christmas 5 or 6 days after Christmas as well…because they Just. Don’t. Want. It. to. End!!! It’s their favorite time of year…MORE

No More Scrooge, Brantley…

Brantley Gilbert says in order to make a song really work, it has to have a bit of everything…and it all depends on what emotion you’re going with, whether it’s intense or happily ever after, you gotta have the melody match it…He says if he’s angry, he wants you to be able to feel it!!!…MORE

Keith Can Be Our Santa Anytime…

Keith Urban can be my Santa. Anytime…right? Keith co-wrote his new Christmas song, “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight”, with his good friend, Shane McAnally, and Keith says they wanted something with a classic feel to it, but also something that would hit on the sort of relationship “warmth” of Christmas as well…as in, being with…MORE


What all’s in the water in Nashville??? With artists like Kane Brown, Brett Young and FGL’s Tyler Hubbard all becoming dad’s recently, you gotta wonder! Brett Young is so funny, he laughs, about his baby girl, Presley Elizabeth, “She’s still alive!”…he says she needs mama ALL the time…Brett said when they got married, the best…MORE


Wanna know why Jason Aldean’s new record is called, “9”?…NOT just because it’s his 9th studio album, That number was Jason’s baseball number as well!…and if you know anything about Jason, you know he’s a HUGE baseball fan and played for a long time…he used to sign the #9 under everything, too, when he’d write…MORE

Tim Wants To Pump…You Up!

Tim McGraw can add “author’ to his resumè…His new book, “Grit And Grace”, isn’t just about working out, even though he opened up his new gym (TruMav) in Nashville…The whole title is actually, ‘Grit and Grace; Train The Mind, Train The Body, Own Your Life”…Wow…that’s heavy, right? Tim found himself really struggling with his health…MORE


Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

Lisa’s Pet of the Week is Tootsie! ⁣
Tootsie the pirate kitty loves life. A little shy at first, then she quickly becomes your BFF. She’s ready for her forever home!⁣

Visit @proverbs1210animalrescue to adopt Tootsie! 🐾⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣