Santa…Kids & New Traditions

Thomas Rhett is about to be a father of THREE…and he LOVES being able to make new holiday traditions together with the fam…they watch the Santa Clause about 6000 times and basically celebrate Christmas 5 or 6 days after Christmas as well…because they Just. Don’t. Want. It. to. End!!! It’s their favorite time of year and as the kids get older, they just love making new traditions every year!

Justin Moore has DOUBLE the kids as T.R., FOUR kids under age 9…(bless his heart…) And he KNOWS Santa will have his hands full at their house! Justin’s fave part i CHristmas morning. His LEAST favorite part? Christmas Eve, when Santa is working til 3AM…Haha…I feel your pain, Santa.

FGL’s Tyler Hubbard compares this Christmas to his daughter’s first birthday…she was born o the 23rd and they brought her home on the 25th…SO surreal of an experience! So, THIS Christmas, they’re super excited and want her to have the best Christmas ever this year! AND, they have a newborn…MERRY CHRISTMAS,y’all!!!!!!


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Lisa’s Pet Of The Week

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