And You Thought YOU Liked To Grocery Shop…

I don’t know about you, but I spend way more time in grocery stores than I should. Like, 5 times a week. Don’t judge…I actually LOVE grocery shopping! And I’m not alone…Carly Pearce says she spends so much time grocery shopping, mainly because she and Michael Ray are, not so much foodies, they just prioritize about eating right…Carly told us the grocery store “humanizes” her on a level that she can’t even put into words…Wow! Maybe we should start a support group…??? She says it’s therapuetic for her just to get a CART!!!…(yeah, we may need a support group…) I’m in!!! See ya in the produce aisle…


Michael Ray & Carly Pearce Tie the Knot


Songs for Service

Songs for Service

Join us at Songs for Service featuring Rodney Atkins on September 11th at the Murphy Center at MTSU!