A Weekend Guide to Quarantine


It has been a strange few weeks that is for sure. But, we can still be excited that it’s the weekend!!


Whether you’ve been working from home, or had a ton of extra time on your hands, give yourself a break and take the opportunity to find some normalcy and have yourself a weekend.


Here are some ideas to explore this weekend!



We’re throwing a House Party on Saturday, complete with house rules and everything! Tune in from 12pm- 7pm for all your country party favorites! Crack open a beer, open the window or step outside and TURN IT UP! Check our Instagram and Facebook on Saturday for this week’s “house rules”…and beware…we didn’t go easy on ya!


Watch the ACM Presents: Our Country encore!

Tune in to CBS on Saturday night at 7pm for a night filled with entertainment, hope and reflection, bringing the healing power of music to Americans at a time when they need it most. From their home to yours, don’t miss your favorite Country Music artists perform during this TV Special!





Explore a National Park

Take virtual tour of 32 National Parks from your couch!



Learn Guitar

It’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby and Fender is here to help!




Take An Online Course

Universities including Harvard and Princeton are offering online courses during this time. Check them out at the link below!




Take a Cooking Lesson

Learn tips from the pros to up your cooking game




Explore Music City

Visit Music City put together a page of fun things to explore and enjoy Music City from afar! From museum tours to virtual shows and online scavenger hunts, lots of local businesses have come up with ways to keep you engaged and involved. Check out the list and enjoy this incredible city at the link below!





At-Home “Chopped”

Have someone pick three ingredients out of your cupboard at home to use an ingredients. Create your own at-home “Chopped” episode and see what you can make with those specific items. If you have several people in your household, compete to see who can make the best recipe and have someone else judge or judge each other!



Get Outside!

It’s finally not raining and we couldn’t be more excited to enjoy the outdoors! From hikes, to yard games to bonfires it feels like there’s a whole new world of possibility. Be sure to maintain social distancing guidelines even when you’re outdoors!

Here’s an article with ideas on what to do and how to stay safe while outside. 



Virtual Safari

Many zoos already had animal live streams, and many are adding them or adding more in light of COVID-19.

Here’s a list of zoos and aquariums to check out!

The Best Free Zoo Live Cams and Best Aquarium Live Streams for Kids



DIY Science Project

The Adventure Science Center may be closed, but they have an amazing page full of videos of science projects you can try from home!

Check it out here! 



At – Home Brewery Tour

On your next trip to the store, grab a mix-and-match flight of local beers you haven’t tried and have a little tasting at your house!

You can also check your local brewery/cidery/distillery to take out orders and growler pick ups! For example, Diskin Cider has a “Survival Kit” you can purchase and The Fox bar in East Nashville is selling small batch mixer kits for their famous cocktails!



Dinner and A Movie Date Night!

Get yourself a nice take-out meal to go with that beer, wine or booze. Maybe try somewhere you’ve been meaning to try! Here’s a list of restaurants offering pick-up:




Visit a Museum

There are a lot of museums offering virtual tours or other online activities! Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum is one of them! Take a day trip!

Here are some resources!









Netflix Party!

Netflix is offering this cool things where you can watch shows with your friends on a Google Chrome browser! Learn more at the link below!





Virtual Game Night

Get a group of friends on Zoom or another video platform and play some virtual games!

Jackbox Party Packs are games each player can participate in from their phone, no matter where players are located. Learn more here. 

Other game ideas: Never-Have-I-Ever, Apples-to-Apples or What Do You Meme (you’ll know who’s card is who’s but be non-bias), Two-Truths- and-a-Lie, Would You Rather, 21 Questions

More game ideas:





Take a Trip to Disney World or Disneyland!

Disney is offering VIRTUAL RIDES! Learn more at the link below!





At-Home Concert

Make a playlist alone or with friends that you can absolutely ROCK OUT to! Turn it up, dance around, and have some fun! Since you’re in control, don’t stick to one artist. Make the ULTIMATE boyband concert, or 90s angsty rock show!


Many artists are also playing live stream shows throughout the week and on weekends! Follow our social media for updated schedule and showtimes!



Start a Tik-Tok

…because…why not?!




Movie Marathon

Some series deserve to be marathon’ed and now is the perfect time!

Here are some Ideas: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, The Godfather, Pirates of the Carribean




Build a Fort

This has been on every cute date-night list since the beginning of time. This might be the perfect weekend to actually try it!





We all love those Saturday or Sunday mornings when you don’t have to get out of bed. Intentionally take a day for yourself. Don’t worry about what you’re doing or not doing. Binge a show from bed, take a bath, do a face-mask, take an online yoga class…YOU DO YOU and enjoy every second of it!