Dream Weaver Luke…

Of course we hear, “Never give up on your dreams” all the time…but in Luke Combs case, it really is true…early on in Luke’s career, when he first came to Nashville, he was told in a meeting by a record exec, that the songs Luke played for him weren’t good enough…well, all of those songs went #1!!!!!!! Luke was responding to a Twitter thread with the question, “Tell me a story about yourself that sounds like a lie but is absolutely true…What a year 2019 was for Luke…expecting even bigger things in 2020!!!

SO, what does Luke do with all the money from those #1 hits? He says he buys everything in cash… his house, all the vehicles he owns, (wow…) He is a big believer of not being in debt (Me, too, but…I digress…)…But, he does have one thing he likes to splurge on…WATCHES. Yep. Watches are Luke’s thing…

Luke Combs Is Preventing Luke Combs From Breaking Luke Combs’ All-Time Billboard Chart Record


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Win tickets to see Chad Prather!

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