Any Other Avengers Fans Out There?!


It opens tonight in theatres…and I found a few “fun facts” about it…

-There are 64 superhero characters in the film…

-The “Avenegers: Infinity War” sequel is untitled and will hit theatres sometime in 2019…

-Apparently, Robert Downey, Jr. (aka Iron Man) requested that his furniture be shipped to the movie’s set in Atlanta so his rental house would feel like home!

-Chris Pratt’s son likes other Avengers:infinity War characters better than his Guardians of the Galaxy character…LOL…his favorite is Spiderman…even when Pratt asked him who his favorite GUARDIANS character is, he said, “Rocket!”…(He just wouldn’t give itto him)

Anyway…off to the theater this weekend for sure!!!

Wakanda Forever, y’all!!!


-Lisa Manning 😀


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