Just wanted to thank the fine folks at BMI for having us last night to kick off their Rooftop On The Row series!!!

Of course, it was raining AGAIN, so we had more like a Lobby Concert on the Row, but hey! It was AWESOME.

Thanks to George Dickel for being the title sponsor, and if you have yet to come to one of these events, you need to listen and sign up to win your way into this private, VIP event!!!

Newcomer Trea Landon kicked things off and did such a great job and then the legendary Oak Ridge Boys took the stage and did everything from Elvira, American Made and one of my all-time favorite ORB songs, Leavin’ Louisiana In The Broad Daylight!!!

They have a new album that was recorded at the historic RCA STUDIO A in Nashville, and they did a few songs from the new album that were incredible. Just flawless vocals, flawless performers. I love them!!! What an honor to be able to even be a part of their world!

I will say (my opinion here) that the amount of (very loud) chatter going on DURING their performance and in between their songs when they were telling us a story about the song, was quite annoying and I think, highly disrespectful. I know it’s a party atmosphere and there are libations to be had and all, but when an artist is on a stage performing and giving you their all, just listen! We are in this amazing town with SO much musical talent to enjoy, give the artists the respect they deserve while performing for you. : )

Ok, I’m done!

-Lisa xoxo