OK…So, we knew this was coming last night.

But, is anyone else as upset as I am about Carl??? (CORAALLLL!)

As a fan of the TWD comics, I still say this was a bad decision to go this direction with such a HUGE character, who has SUCH a HUGE part to play in the whole storyline!!! Do you think they will give Enid Carl’s storyline? Or Judith??? I dunno.

All I can say is as both a TWD fan and as a mother, last night’s episode had me in tears.

At first, we thought doing this to Carl was because Chandler RIggs wanted to go on to college, and wanted off the show, only to learn that that WASN’T the case, it was all, then showrunner, Scott Gimple’s idea! Meh.

Chandler said that this has been so bittersweet, but that he gets to go do film and other TV shows and stuff he hasn’t gotten to do before, and he is super excited!!! We’ll see Chandler kicking butt in a film or on TV soon, I know.

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in a little thing called Walker Stalker Con from the beginning of it, and have gotten to work and get to know several of the cast members and the people involved in a variety of things on TWD, and all I have to say is that I can’t wait to see Chandler here in May to give him a bigger hug than I normally do! I also have to applaud his mom and Dad, Gina and Will, for being THE most incredibly supporting parents, and for sharing their son with the Walking Dead world. We have literally watched Chandler grow up on our TVs, since he was 10!!!

Wonder what your thoughts are…how will we go on now???!!!


Lisa : )