Help Drew Baldridge Kick Breast Cancer’s Ass This October

In support of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Drew Baldridge has teamed with Super 8 to launch Rebound From Cancer, a month-long fundraising campaign.

During the month of October, Drew is selling limited-edition t-shirts online and at his concerts with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the T.J. Martell Foundation, an organization that funds medical research focused on finding a cure for cancer.

db_neon_pink_tee“This is something that’s dear to my heart,” says Drew to Nash Country Daily. “My grandma got diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago, and as an artist, I’ve always wanted to use what I’m doing for something bigger than myself. I’ve always wanted to give back. Now I feel like I’m starting to get to that platform where I can help.”

In addition to spearheading Rebound From Cancer, Drew released his new single, “Rebound,” to country radio on Oct. 10.

“The song is not about cancer, but ‘rebound’ is such a strong word—that’s why we decided to create the Rebound From Cancer campaign,” says Drew. “You can rebound back from anything. You can rebound back from an illness. It being dear to my heart about my grandma, I wanted to make these shirts, and all the proceeds—I’m not keeping a cent—all the proceeds go to T.J. Martell Foundation for cancer research. The money we raise, it might go toward finding a cure for cancer. Who knows. I’m just glad that I can be a part of something so cool and so awesome and hopefully raise some money for a good cause.”


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