Tiger Crossroads at the Nashville Zoo!

Marty has your tickets to the Nashville Zoo!


The Nashville Zoo is home to 3 female Sumatran tigers – Huntley, Ace and Frances! They are 4 years old and full grown at 190 – 200 pounds!


They are critically endangered, with only 400 left in the world. Nashville Zoo is committed to helping all tigers thrive, not just those in our care. We support initiatives around the world to help tigers in their forest homes.


The Tiger Conservation Campaign (TCC), through support provided by Nashville Zoo and other member zoos, works to protect and grow tiger populations in their habitats. Working with the Wildlife Conservation Society, TCC devotes its resources to reducing habitat loss, poaching and human/tiger conflicts. Nashville Zoo has made a long-term commitment to the Tiger Conservation Campaign, and their initiatives to minimize human/tiger conflict in Sumatra. The Zoo’s joint goal is to prevent the killing or unnecessary removal of tigers from their natural habitat by local communities.


Listen with Marty around 6am for your chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets to the Nashville Zoo!
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Visit the Tiger Crossroads exhibit – OPEN NOW – at the Nashville Zoo!