Always Take a Lunch Break…

It’s tempting to just eat your lunch at your desk, and catch up on work…BUT, the top 5 reasons why you should step away from your desk to eat lunch are:

  1. It helps you concentrate! Taking a short break can help your brain after some fuel!
  2. It protects your eyesight apparently…staring at the screen too long makes you blink less, WHICH can dry your eyes out!
  3. It might help you sleep better…A study found that even a 15-minute break helps, because they say your eyes need time away from the blue light your computer screen gives off!
  4. It can help you slim down…a study found that people who eat at their desks have an average waistline that’s more than one inch bigger than people who aren’t chained to their desk all day!
  5. It improves your mood…A study found that people who took lunch breaks have a 30% lower risk of depression…mainly becuase you’re more likely to go out and get a little sunlight! ┬áSo…tune in during the noon hour for the cue to call and WIN A FREE LUNCH FROM 955 NASH ICON every weekday!!! -Lisa : )