Springing Ahead Makes Us Grumpy???

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

I, for one, am ALWAYS so excited for Daylight Savings Time…and I think that comes from being a kid and Mom saying to come home when it gets dark…THAT meant we can stay out later!!! I was that girl who played kickball with the boys all the time ; )

Some studies say that the time change has about 75% of people coming into work today grumpy and tired…also, that the average person didn’t even crack a smile until 11:16M today!…LOL…and apparently, the average person will only manage 3.5 hours of true work today, due to the time change…

I just want to be able to get Spring started already, and as far as being able to see the sunshine a little longer? Bring it. I cracked a smile way before 11:16 this morning…simply after seeing SNOW on the ground…What???!

Not to worry, y’all…Spring is almost here!!! The trees and daffodils may be confused right now (so are my allergies) BUT…SMILE! Life is good and to quote Charlie Daniels, “Aint it good to be alive and be in Tennessee?!”…

-Lisa : )


Experience The Music of Randy Travis!

Experience The Music of Randy Travis!

On October 28, the Ryman Auditorium will host a once-in-a-lifetime evening with the original Randy Travis Band featuring special guest vocalist James Dupré. The night will also feature a special appearance by Randy Travis himself!