Happy National Cereal Day!

SO, the average person eats 4 bowls of cereal a week…ONLY 4???

How about this…the average person eats a half TON of cereal over the course of their life! That sounds about right, for this cereal fanatic. I figure is it’s ok for Jerry Seinfeld to be a cereal fan, it’s ok for all of us! Ever notice on Seinfeld ALL those cereal boxes in the kitchen on the set? Yep, Jerry is an admitted cereal junkie.

My faves have to be Life, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch (even though those commercials where one piece of the cereal eats the other one…), and the new Reese’s cereal…

Just wondered what your favorite cereal is, AND how often do do consume a bowl each week?

Cereal. It’s not just for breakfast, right?!


-Lisa : D